Stormwater Inspection Report Template – Electronic Version (Word Document)

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This Inspection Report Template was designed to assist you in preparing inspection reports for EPA’s 2012 Construction General Permit (CGP). If you are covered under the 2012 CGP, this template will enable you to create an inspection report form that is customized to the specific circumstances of your project and that complies with the minimum reporting requirements of Part 4.1.7 of the permit. Note that the use of this form is optional; you may use your own inspection report form provided it includes the minimum information required in Part 4.1.7 of the CGP. If you are covered under a state CGP, this template may be helpful in developing a form that can be used for that permit; however, it will need to be modified to meet the specific requirements of that permit. If your permitting authority requires you to use a specific inspection report form, you should not use this form.






Stormwater Inspection Report Template