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Good Housekeeping


Good housekeeping best management practices (BMPs) are a cost-effective non-structural strategy to minimize or prevent pollutants from getting into stormwater runoff.

Non-structural BMPs are focused on pollutant reduction, management of pollutants, and preservation of natural features. Another name for good housekeeping BMPs is pollution prevention.

ACRP Resources
ACRP Report 43: Guidebook for Improving Environmental Performance at Small Airports This resource identifies activities in which operators can be proactive in promoting environmental stewardship. Summary graphics provide information pertaining to the cost and savings as well as the necessary knowledge and amount of time to implement a particular activity.

ACRP Web-Only Document 8: Alternative Aircraft Anti-icing Formulations with Reduced Aquatic Toxicity and Biochemical Oxygen Demand This resource provides the results of research that tested alternative deicing formulations with the goal of identifying a less toxic alternative.

ACRP Research Results Digest 21: Best Practices for General Aviation Aircraft Fuel-Tank Sampling This digest summarizes the research and presents several best practices for general aviation fuel-tank sampling.

Other Resources
NCHRP Report 792: Long-Term Performance and Life-Cycle Costs of Stormwater Best Management Practices  This resource from the National Cooperative Highway Research Program provides tools to help optimize the BMP portion of a stormwater program. BMP performance and cost are key information needed to maximize program performance.

California Municipal BMP Handbook Section 3 contains useful pollution control or source control BMPs.

National Resources
Environmental Protection Agency National Menu of BMPs for Stormwater This website contains BMPs categorized according to the six tenants of the municipal separate storm sewer system permit. The categories most applicable to airports include Construction, Post-construction and Pollution Prevention.

International Stormwater BMP Database This database provides a resource to locate structural BMP performance data and studies. It is supported by a coalition of partners and provides a wide variety of information. Guidance is also provided for monitoring of BMPs.


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