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Compliance Guidance, Report Forms, and Templates

This information on guidance, forms, and templates is organized into construction stormwater, industrial stormwater, municipal stormwater, and Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCCs).  An airport may be required to comply with stormwater regulations related to one or all of these types of activities at any given time.

While the focus of the discussion below is on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements under the Clean Water Act, a state may adopt or enforce requirements that are more appropriate to address state-specific discharges, or that are more stringent or more extensive than those required under the federal NPDES regulations, while still meeting its obligations under the Clean Water Act.

To find information on stormwater regulations for delegated states, search using the following key words: [state] stormwater regulations.

An overview of compliance requirements is provided in the guidebook ACRP Research Report 169: Clean Water Act Requirements for Airports.

Construction Stormwater
EPA 2012 Construction General Permit (CGP) Guidance to construction site operators in developing a SWPPP compliant with the minimum requirements of EPA 2012 CGP.

The CGP Corrective Action Report Form (October 15, 2012) is designed to assist operators in preparing corrective action reports that meet the minimum reporting requirements in Part 5.4 of the CGP:

The CGP Inspection Report Template (October 16, 2012) is designed to assist operators in preparing inspection reports that meet the minimum reporting requirements in Part 4.1.7 of the CGP.

Industrial Stormwater
An SWPPP is also required to comply with the Multi-sector General Permit (MSGP). The EPA has an Industrial SWPPP Template.

An EPA fact sheet is available for complying with MSGP Sector S: Vehicle Maintenance Areas, Equipment Cleaning Areas, or Deicing Areas Located at Air Transportation Facilities.

The National Air Transport Association has prepared this Environmental Health and Safety Policy to provide guidance on implementing SWPPPs at airports.

Municipal Stormwater
In addition to stormwater associated with construction and industrial activities, airports may need to manage stormwater that is regulated under the municipal separate storm sewer system stormwater program. EPA provides guidance on developing an SWMP; however, also review the requirements set forth by your state and municipality. The EPA website Stormwater Discharges from Municipal Sources provides guidance on implementing airport SWPPPs.

SPCC Regulation
EPA has prepared A Facility Owner/Operator’s Guide to Oil Pollution Prevention, known as the SPCC Blue Brochure.

In August 2013, EPA revised the SPCC Guidance for Regional Inspectors. This guidance is intended to assist regional inspectors in reviewing a facility’s implementation of the SPCC Rule, contained at 40 CFR Part 112.  This document is also useful to owners and operators of facilities that may be subject to the requirements of the SPCC Rule. The document is designed to provide a consistent national policy on several SPCC-related issues.  Appendix G: SPCC Inspection Checklists contains checklists for onshore facilities; onshore oil production, drilling, and workover facilities; offshore oil production, drilling, and workover facilities; and Tier 1 qualified facilities.