Table of Contents

1.0 Purpose of the Guide and How to Use It

2.0 Greenhouse Gas Basics

3.0 Scenario Planning for an Uncertain Future

4.0 Greenhouse Gas Action Across the Agency

5.0 Developing a Greenhouse Gas Policy

6.0 Institutional Considerations and Alignment

7.0 Partnerships

8.0 Communications

9.0 Central Administration

10.0 Transportation Systems Planning

11.0 Programming

12.0 Project Development and Preliminary Design

13.0 Environmental Review

14.0 Final Design and Construction

15.0 Maintenance

16.0 Transportation Systems Management and Operations

17.0 Regions/Districts

18.0 Performance Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting

19.0 Putting It All Together

Appendix A. Annotated Bibliography

Appendix B. Greenhouse Gas Evaluation Tools

Appendix C. Bridge Replacement Example

Appendix D. Zero-Emission Vehicle Resources


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