Authors and Author Acknowledgments


Cambridge Systematics, Inc.
Medford, MA
Good Company
Eugene, OR
McVoy Associates, LLC
Slingerlands, NY
Zamurs and Associates, LLC
Slingerlands, NY

Author Acknowledgments

The research reported herein was performed under National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Project 25-56 by Cambridge Systematics, Inc.; Good Company; McVoy Associates, LLC; and Zamurs and Associates, LLC. Christopher Porter of Cambridge Systematics was the Principal Investigator. Joshua Proudfoot of Good Company, Gary McVoy of McVoy Associates, and John Zamurs of Zamurs and Associates were the principal subject matter contributors from the project team. Additional research support was provided by Whitney Faron and Leah Pickett of Cambridge Systematics and by Claudia Denton and Aaron Toneys of Good Company. Additional workshop support was provided by Lila Singer-Berk, Daniel Forbush, and Benjamin Lykins of Cambridge Systematics.

The project team also acknowledges the assistance of State DOT staff who served as lead points of contact for organizing workshops and technical assistance. These include Rose Waldman and Rebecca White (Colorado Department of Transportation), James Pappas (Delaware Department of Transportation), Pradip Pant (Hawaii Department of Transportation), Timothy Sexton (Minnesota Department of Transportation), Kandee Bahr Worley and Sondra Rosenberg (Nevada Department of Transportation), and Jackie Ploch (Texas Department of Transportation).