Chapter 3 | Business—Financial and Administrative Management

Financial and administrative management are key functions of small airport management. Airports should strive to be as self-sustaining as possible through revenue generation and good fiscal management of expenditures through budgeting. Appropriate lease documents, establishment of rates and charges, maximizing grant funding, if eligible, and minimizing risk through insurance are also important fiscal management tools. When a small airport has multiple employees, the small airport manager may also have human resources-related management responsibilities.

3.1 Revenue Generation and Use
3.2 Budgets
3.3 Managing the Airport as a Stand-Alone Business
3.4 Revenue Generation and Diversification
3.5 Rates and Charges
3.6 Leases
3.7 Airport Operations Documents
3.8 Complaints Under FAR Parts 13 and 16
3.9 Insurance
3.10 Grants and Capital Improvement Funding
3.11 Consultant Selection
3.12 Administrative Tasks