Dos and Don’ts

The below information outlines the expected usage and limitations of the WebResource environment. Please make sure to review thoroughly. If you have any questions regarding the contents, please reach out to the responsible staff officer in the RFP.


  • Review and utilize the list of CRP approved plugins to enhance your site.
  • Allow users to manipulate data within browser sessions where data is cleared once the browser is closed.
  • Review other Webresource sites to better understand Webresource capabilities.
  • Ensure all development activities take place within the provided environment.
  • Leverage and utilize SEO best practices.
  • Review and use the provided search tool allowing users to easily find information.
  • Use Custom CSS and JS for unique styling.
  • Be sure to use the home page template.


  • Do not implement account management or login features.
  • Do not provide users a way to commit or write to the database.
  • Do not implement features that allow the storing of users data.
  • Do not procure or implement non-CRP approved plugins without prior approval.
  • Do not create features for uploading documents into the site by the end users.
  • Do not attempt to edit or adjust existing site templates and style sheets.
  • Do not use a theme other than the designated ACRP/NCHRP child theme.
  • Do not conduct development activities outside of the provided environment.
  • Do not create external database connection or use external API’s.
  • Do not deliver content that is duplicative of content provided in another format.
  • Do not create or leverage any custom plugins.
  • Do not create your tool/deliverable in an externally hosted environment.