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PUBLISHED DATE - August 26, 2020

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Social networking is on the rise. Social media (SM) has transcended its traditional role as an entertaining pastime and become a vital part of our lives. Today, SM is an important, if not crucial, tool for sharing information among individuals and for connecting organizations with their customers. For this reason, SM managers are quickly becoming critical elements to emergency management (EM) for information gathering and sharing. Integrating SM with EM can be highly beneficial during incidents, emergencies, and irregular operations, providing improved situational awareness and reducing the time it takes to return to normal operations. Whether your airport is a large hub or a general aviation airport, this WebResource guides you through the steps of developing a program for integrating the two disciplines, and it provides many resources to help you get the most out of your new program.   READ MORE


Choose one of the following paths:

Information Path
For those looking to understand SM and EM and how to fit in

Development Path
For those new to integrating SM into EM, looking to develop a program

Improvement Path
For those who have some SM integration, looking to expand

Sustain Path
For those looking to sustain their program and to innovate