Roadmap_Part 02

Part 2: Assess

At this point, you ought to have a solid understanding of the content in Part 1, including social media (SM) functions, how SM can be used throughout the emergency management (EM) phases, as well as the benefits and challenges associated with integrating social media into emergency management (SMEM). Part 2 describes how you can assess your current EM program, SM capabilities, SMEM maturity, and SM tools.

Part 2 consists of the single step (Step 5) of assessing your current state, but it has multiple elements. The step gives you the opportunity to assess the following:

  • Your SM Sophistication and Maturity
  • Your EM Depth and Maturity
  • Your SM and EM Integration
  • Your SM Tools

After you conduct your assessment, be sure to save the results so it may be utilized as a benchmark for future improvements.