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3D Printing

The process of making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, generally by laying down thin layers in succession.

5G Wireless

Fifth generation wireless technology that leverages expanded frequency ranges to provide users with lower latency, increased bandwidth, and faster speeds.

Advanced Computing

An umbrella term that refers to emerging forms of computing architecture, functionality, and processes that contradict previously established computing constraints and methods.

Artificial Intelligence

Ability of a computer program to learn, identify trends, make decisions, and perform other tasks that previously only humans were capable of.

Autonomous Vehicles

Vehicles capable of performing some or all of their operations without the need for human intervention.


A digital database containing information that can be simultaneously used and shared within large, decentralized public networks.

Digital Twin

A virtual representation of a physical object or system across its life cycle.

Internet of Things

Computer networking equipment embedded in devices, allowing for central management or control.

Mixed Reality

A combination of various technology forms that allow a user to view and interact with a digital environment or overlay digital images onto a user’s view of the real world.


TechTarget defines robotics as the branch of engineering involving the operation of machines—robots—capable of replicating certain human movements and functioning with little to no human interaction.