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Executive Technology Overview Sections

This Executive Technology Overview is a series of articles that provides an executive-level view of the transformative technologies that airports should expect to come their way.

Defining Transformative

Provides a framework for how to identify technologies that are transformative in nature and lists technologies identified as “transformative” in this Publication.

Transformation Tiers

Places the transformative technologies within three Transformation Tiers: Basic Transformation, Intermediate Transformation, and Advanced Transformation.

Notable Findings

Identifies key findings in U.S. airports, such as the lack of internal innovation programs, the airport operators‘ interest in learning more, and the need for sharing information.

Technology Adoption Curve

Provides three basic categories for the level of an airport’s willingness to pursue and implement innovative technology: innovative, strategic, and reactive.

Technology by Airport Type

Identifies transformative technologies that will likely impact airports based on their attributes as defined by the FAA’s airport categories.

Honorable Mention Technology

Provides information on technologies that did not make the list of transformative technologies for this Publication but will still have a notable impact on airports.

Featured Impact

Summarizes notable impact areas for organizations to consider when accounting for the implementation or mass adoption of transformative technology.

What’s Next?

Provides a launching point into the other sections of the Publication, such as Technology Focus Articles, Applied Technology in Airports, and Innovation Concepts.