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ACRP Guidance on Developing an Obstruction Management Program

Welcome to the web resource for ACRP Research Report 195: Best Practices for Airport Obstruction Management Guidebook. This guidebook  is designed to help airports  prepare and implement a comprehensive program for obstruction identification, management/mitigation, and related conflict resolution.  The guidebook was prepared to speak to a broad range of audiences and to be easily understood by stakeholders with airport and non-airport backgrounds. This web resource supplements the guidebook with several resources. It contains samples of airspace imaginary surface composite maps (for complex and simple airport scenarios) in KMZ format, which can be used for familiarization with this type of resource. The templates and samples section contains templates and examples of resources that can assist airports with the development and implementation of an obstruction management program. The reference resources section contains links to additional resources related to airspace analysis, obstruction management, and conflict resolution.