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PUBLISHED DATE - September 19, 2018

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What Is NextGen?

The Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) began in 2003 when its principles were included in the Vision 100—Century of Aviation Reauthorization Act.  “NextGen” is an umbrella term for the federal programs (predominately airspace, air traffic, or avionics related) that are designed to modernize the National Airspace System (NAS).

The fundamental concept of NextGen is to improve performance and reduce costs by replacement of ground-based navigation and radar surveillance infrastructure with satellite-based navigation and surveillance, along with upgrades in automation and communications to improve ground control and flight operations.


ACRP Report 150: NextGen for Airports

ACRP Report 150 informs airport operators about some of the NextGen programs and how the enabling practices, data, and technologies resulting from them will affect airports and change how they operate.

cover of ACRP Report 150: A PrimerA Primer

This Primer  is a high-level overview of NextGen designed for airport directors and their senior executive staff. It provides an introduction to the five volumes of ACRP Report 150 that contain detailed technical information and planning guidelines for understanding, preparing for, and implementing NextGen technologies at airports.


cover of ACRP Report 150 Volume 1Volume 1: Understanding the Airport’s Role in Performance-Based Navigation: Resource Guide

Volume 1 provides comprehensive information to practitioners concerning all aspects of performance-based navigation (PBN) and how implementation affects overall airport operations. This Resource Guide encompasses background information, impacts on short- and long-term airport development, and safety and performance measures. In addition to guiding users on available resources, this volume includes lessons learned and best practices based on findings from case studies that examined the airport operator’s role in PBN implementation.


cover of ACRP Report 150, Volume 2Volume 2: Engaging Airport Stakeholders: Guidebook

Volume 2 and the NextGen Outreach Toolkit explain the important role of airports in the implementation of performance-based navigation procedures and other NextGen initiatives. Airport planning, communications and marketing, and operations managers and staff will also learn how they can help their airport to develop, implement, and sustain an effective stakeholder engagement program, central to optimal implementation of NextGen capabilities.


cover of ACRP Report 150 Volume 3Volume 3: Resources for Airports

Volume 3 presents an overview of the many elements of NextGen in terms and context that are relevant, familiar, and understandable to airport operators; broadly addresses potential airport impacts; and includes background information so that airport personnel can discern which NextGen programs will impact them and how. The report includes a list of NextGen technologies and initiatives as well as a likely timeline for implementation. A Public Information Toolkit was created for communicating about the NextGen initiative to the broad spectrum of external stakeholders.

cover of ACRP Report 150, Volume 4Volume 4: Leveraging NextGen Spatial Data for Airports: Guidebook

Volume 4 documents the benefits that can be derived from spatial data collected in support of the FAA’s NextGen effort, how NextGen programs use these data, and how airports can maximize the use of these data.



cover of ACRP Report 150, Volume 5Volume 5: Airport Planning and Development

Volume 5 provides information and guidance to help airport industry practitioners understand and incorporate NextGen capabilities into their planning efforts for all categories of airports.