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Sharing practical and accurate information, understandable guidance, helpful tools, and effective practices are the backbone of lasting improvements throughout the aviation industry. Each year, the Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) finds new high-value research projects to expand our useful contributions and facilitate such industry improvements.  Yet, it is the flow of new ideas from YOU, the airport industry practitioner, and your measure of the utility and value of these potential projects that make this possible!

What is IdeaHub?
ACRP’s problem statement process encourages airport industry practitioners to share their problems, pose questions that address current challenges, and suggest ways in which research can improve airports and help industry practitioners nationwide. The process includes collaboration with subject matter experts (SMEs) and recommendations from the airport industry.  Yet, we have always wanted to expand participation and make it easier for more people to contribute.

So, to encourage broader participation and even more collaboration, ACRP is building the IdeaHub, a web-based tool that presents your ideas and helps you collaborate with other, like-minded practitioners to grow your idea into a quality problem statement.  Through IdeaHub you will be able to vote up/down ideas, provide constructive comments, and watch as ideas develop into quality problem statements and new research projects.  Best of all, you can watch it all as it happens.

This user-friendly site is an activity center that makes collaboration simple and easy. After registering, anyone can share an idea that could help the airport industry.  Through IdeaHub, users can view these ideas, monitor progress of the ideas that interest you, join an Idea Team to develop the most interesting ideas, and connect with SMEs who can help you refine new ideas into quality problem statements.  We’ll have a corps of Idea Mentors and Topic ModeratorsSME-volunteers—to answer questions and get each idea ready for submission to ACRP as a formal problem statement. ACRP will use IdeaHub as a transparent platform for official problem statement Reviewers to measure the utility and value of the problem statements submitted.  And, we’ll also use IdeaHub in the final selection of new research projects. IdeaHub also gives unfunded problem statements another opportunity to be reconsidered the following year, because ideas remain in the system for a time.

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A Vision for Collaboration

Our goals for IdeaHub are clear:

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Help users find interesting ideas fast with topics and key-word tags.
  • Promote collaboration across levels of practitioners in the aviation industry.
  • Improve problem statement quality.
  • Generate research projects that improve the airport industry.

All you need to do is brainstorm, share, and have fun.

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