6.4 Communication Tools

There are a variety of communication tools an airport can use, including a press kit, a website, social media, earned media (free publicity), networking, and public speaking. A media relations plan can help strategically build a relationship with local and regional media.

ACRP Report 28: Marketing Guidebook for Small Airports
Explores development of a marketing program for general aviation or commercial service airports on a small or minimal budget.

ACRP Synthesis 56: Understanding the Value of Social Media at Airports for Customer Engagement
Compiles current literature and practice on how airport operators utilize social media to enhance customer engagement.

ACRP WebResource 1: Aligning Community Expectations with Airport Roles
Provides guidance to help airport staff manage airport communications and public relations proactively. The primary objective is to address possible misunderstandings about realities faced by airport management related to community expectations for air service or other airport-related services and resulting economic benefits. Three “toolkits” help communicate the many roles an airport can play in a community (Role of the Airport), general ways to engage effectively with the local community (Media Toolkit), and information and communication strategies to enhance understanding specific aviation-related topics (Aviation Toolkit).

Developing a Media Relations Plan Worksheet
Assists in developing an airport media relations plan for airports of all sizes.

Press Kit Checklist
Assists in developing an airport press kit for airports of all sizes.

Media Contact Worksheet
Assists in identifying media contacts so they are readily available when needed.

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Media Relations
Provides contact information for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association’s media relations team, which provides advocacy services and can connect reporters with in-house experts on a variety of aviation topics.

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Resources for You
Provides information on airport development and management, airport noise, community relations, land use and obstructions, economic impact, airport funding and compliance, and airport support groups that is valuable background when working with the media.