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5.13 Airport User Surveys, Benchmarking Studies, and Peer Reviews

Airport surveys and benchmarking studies are a primary source of airport operators’ information on the characteristics and demands of airport users. There are two general types of surveys: those that are specific to an airport and its operations (airport survey) and those that gather data on comparable or competing airports (benchmarking study). Peer reviews are another resource airport operators can use.

ACRP Report 26: Guidebook for Conducting Airport User Surveys
Explores the basic concepts of survey sampling and the steps involved in planning and implementing a survey. The guidebook also examines the different types of airport user surveys and includes guidance on how to design a survey and analyze its results.

ACRP Synthesis 46: Conducting Airport Peer Reviews
Explores the range of peer review approaches being used by airport sponsors, identifies similar efforts outside the airport industry, and documents both effective practices and challenges in conducting peer review activities.