Chapter 5 | Asset Management—Maintaining Current Assets and Planning Development for the Future

Practicing asset management is important for an airport to realize the full value of existing assets and to develop future assets in the most economical manner. This chapter addresses the process and analysis that can be used to maximize the value of existing assets. This philosophy aligns with the broad FAA goal to preserve the investment in existing infrastructure. Further, this chapter addresses the various tools an airport can use to plan for and pursue development to meet the future needs of its users. The level of effort and detail in the asset management will vary with the complexity and goals of the airport and community.

5.1 Maintaining Existing Assets
5.2 Pavement Maintenance
5.3 Airport Planning
5.4 Airport Business Planning
5.5 NextGen Opportunities
5.6 Land-Use Compatibility and Zoning
5.7 Exhibit “A” Property Map
5.8 Environmental Documentation
5.9 Sustainability in Everyday Operations
5.10 Project Implementation
5.11 Land Acquisition Process
5.12 Land Release/Concurrent Use
5.13 Airport User Surveys, Benchmarking Studies, and Peer Reviews
5.14 IT Systems
5.15 ATCT Establishment