4.5 Security

The level of security will vary with the size and complexity of the airport, but since the events of September 11, 2001, airport security is an issue that must be addressed by management. Airport security can include the establishment of a security plan or implementation of best practices, such as using the Airport Watch Program, installing security fencing and gates and access control, and establishing accountability. Security requirements are specific for Part 139 airports.

ACRP Synthesis 3: General Aviation Safety and Security Practices
Examines resources used by the general aviation community in the development of safety and security programs, explores funding sources and issues that determine the amount of money spent on such programs, and describes current practices that general aviation airports use to keep their facilities safe and secure.

ACRP Synthesis 45: Model Mutual Aid Agreement for Airports
Presents information on mutual aid agreements, addressing nearly every type of emergency that could affect airports and require outside resources. The synthesis is designed to assist airport operators in creating and sustaining effective emergency management mutual aid partnerships by documenting the specifics of existing agreements.

AOPA’s Airport Watch Program
Provides guidance to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association’s Airport Watch Program for airports without commercial service.

49 Code of Federal Regulations 1500 Series: Civil Aviation Security Regulations
Contains the series of civil aviation security regulations for airports.

New York State Department of Transportation General Aviation Airport Security Plan Template
Provides an editable template for an airport security plan that is consistent with the most recent security guidelines for general aviation airports published by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Ohio Department of Transportation Sample General Aviation Airport Security Plan
Provides an outline for small airports to prepare a security plan.

TSA Security Guidelines for General Aviation Airport Operators and Users
Jointly developed document by general aviation (GA) community and the TSA to provide GA airport owners, operators, and tenants with best practice recommendations for GA security.