4.18 Joint-Use Airports

Joint-use airports can benefit the government and civilian entities through more economical operations by sharing facilities. When there is a military tenant on a civilian airport, the airport operator must be aware of any unique needs for protection of the tenant’s assets, such as setbacks to facilities. These special requirements should be included in all planning for the airport.

FAA Order 5190.6B Appendix J-1: Airport Joint Use Agreement for Military Use of Civilian Airfields
Provides guidance for negotiating fair and reasonable charges to the government for joint use of the flying facilities of a public airport. This pamphlet implements AFPD 10-10: Civil Aircraft Use of United States Air Force Airfields and AFPD 32-10: Installations and Facilities, and applies to Air National Guard6flying units that operate on public airports.

FAA Military Airport Program
Provides guidance on the Military Airport Program, a grant set-aside from the Airport Improvement Program.

FAA Web Page on Military/U.S. Government-Operated Airports, Part 139 Airport Certification
Provides information on Part 139 certification at military/U.S. government-owned airports.