4.12 Winter Operations

In northern climates, winter operations during snow events present a unique set of challenges to maintain operating surfaces in “no worse than wet” conditions. Thus, northern airports must plan to remove snow and ice safely and efficiently from the airport’s operational surfaces. For FAR Part 139 airports located where snow and ice occur, a formal snow and ice control plan is required as part of the airport certification manual.

ACRP Synthesis 67: Airside Snow Removal Practices for Small Airports with Limited Budgets
Covers challenges and successful strategies to coordinate and conduct snow removal operations that airport operators use at small airports with significant budget and other constraints.

FAA Advisory Circular 150/5200-30: Airport Field Condition Assessments and Winter Operations Safety
Provides guidance to assist airport operators in developing a snow and ice control plan, assessing and reporting airport conditions through the utilization of the Runway Condition Assessment Matrix (RCAM), and establishing snow removal and control procedures.

FAA Advisory Circular 150/5220-18: Buildings for the Storage and Maintenance of Snow and Ice Control Equipment and Materials
Provides guidance for the site selection and design of buildings used to store and maintain airport snow and ice control equipment, store approved materials, and provide personnel areas required to support the requirements under the airport operator’s winter storm management plan.

FAA Advisory Circular 150/5220-20: Airport Snow and Ice Control Equipment
Provides guidance to assist airport operators in the procurement of snow and ice control equipment for airport use.

FAA Advisory Circular 150/5320-12: Measurement, Construction,  and Maintenance of Skid Resistant Airport Pavement Surfaces
Contains guidelines and procedures for the design and construction of skid-resistant pavement; pavement evaluation, without or with friction equipment; and maintenance of high skid-resistant pavements.

SAE International Publications
Provides guidance for detailed equipment specifications.

FAA Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment (TALPA)
Provides information on takeoff and landing performance assessment (TALPA) and resources that will allow pilots, flight planners, and aircraft manufactures to use TALPA.

Snow and Ice Control Plan Template
Editable snow and ice control plan template.