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3.6 Leases

While each lease consists of the same or similar core elements, each lease arrangement must be tailored to the specific circumstances and characteristics of the landlord–tenant relationship. For federally obligated airports, the lease terms must comply with the grant assurances as well as any state or local requirements.

ACRP Legal Research Digest 23: A Guide for Compliance with Grant Agreement Obligations to Provide Reasonable Access to an AIP-Funded Public Use General Aviation Airport
Describes the assurances made by airport sponsors that receive grants from the FAA and how these assurances limit the sponsor from unreasonably restricting access for aeronautical activity at general aviation airports.

ACRP Legal Research Digest 30: Contract Risk Management for Airport Agreements
Provides a general overview of the types of agreements that are typically used by airports of all sizes. It identifies primary risks associated with each type of agreement, and the appendices provide sample language from four organizations illustrating how they manage and mitigate those risks.

ACRP Report 47: Guidebook for Developing and Leasing Airport Property
Explores issues associated with developing and leasing available airport land and summarizes best practices from the perspective of the airport sponsor.  The guidebook includes a diverse set of case studies that show several approaches airports have taken to develop and lease property for both aeronautical uses and nonaeronautical uses.

FAA Order 5190.6 Appendix O: Sample Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Activities
Sample airport minimum standards for commercial activity including general lease clauses for airport agreements.

U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Statistics Consumer Price Index (CPI)
U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Statistics provides a consumer price index database on its web page.

Ground-Building Lease Agreement Template
Sample lease template for leasing airport ground for the development of a hangar or for leasing an entire hangar building and the ground upon which it sits.

Hangar Rental Agreement Template
Sample rental template for space in an existing hangar.

Farmland Lease Agreement Template
Sample lease template for agricultural operations on airport land.