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3.1 Revenue Generation and Use

The FAA defines airport revenues and their allowable uses. It is important for the airport manager of a federally obligated airport to understand what airport revenue is and how it can be spent. An airport may also generate nonaeronautical revenue that does not have the use restrictions.

ACRP Legal Research Digest 2: Theory and Law of Revenue Diversion
Explores the issue of revenue diversion, what prompted Congress to address it, how it has manifested itself, and how the prohibition against revenue diversion has been enforced.

FAA Advisory Circular 150/5100-19: Guide for Airport Financial Reports Filed by Airport Sponsors
Provides airport sponsors with guidance on filing FAA Form 5100-126, Financial Governmental Payment Report, and FAA Form 5100-127, Operating and Financial Summary. Announces changes to the FAA’s financial reporting program and to Form 5100-127.

FAA Order 5190.6: Airport Compliance Manual
Provides basic guidance for FAA personnel in interpreting and administering the various continuing commitments airport owners make to the United States as a condition for the grant of federal funds or the conveyance of federal property for airport purposes. The Order discusses the obligations set forth in the standard airport sponsor assurances, addresses the application of the assurances in the operation of public-use airports, and facilitates interpretation of the assurances by FAA personnel.

FAA Web Page on Aviation Fuel Tax Action Plans and Status
Overview of fuel tax action plan and state status for compliance with determination that state or local taxes on aviation fuel be considered airport revenue and subject to airport revenue use requirements.

Federal Register, Vol. 64, No. 30: Policy and Procedures Concerning the Use of Airport Revenue
Announces the final publication of the FAA policy on the use of airport revenue and maintenance of a self-sustaining rate structure by federally assisted airports.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Small Airport Management
Examples of potential KPIs useful in managing small airports.